In Guillermo Garcia we represent the finest of Venezuelan craftmanship embodying a harmonious fusion between elegance, luxury and environmental responsibility.
With a commitment to ethical practices and meticulous care, each piece reflects a dedication to both artisanship and eco-consciousness.
Guillermo Garcia stands as a testament to the possibility of delivering innovation with a profound respect for the planet.
Guillermo Garcia La Maison
THE designer
From Venezuela, Guillermo Garcia has earned his spotlight. Since the age of 11, he has had an intrinsic sixth sense that the sartorial world was meant for him; Madonna's illustrious conical bra corset being one of his most powerful inspirations. His vision is both sustainable but also glamorous and dramatic, enhancing individuality and bristling with personality. Guillermo Garcia has gained an important share of experience by working with famous brand names for over 10 years, and prior to his participation in Paris Fashion Week 2020, he became a pioneer in sustainable fashion. Coming up with brand-new ideas that gives the brand a niche in the international business of fashion.
In Guillermo Garcia, our commitment to sustainability is contemplated in the careful selection of materials. We pride ourselves on incorporating the crystalline clarity of the finest glass into our designs, ensuring that every piece not only reflects elegance but also aligns with our environmental values and meticulous focus on reducing our ecological footprint. Embracing a harmonious brand-new concept of sustainable luxury, Guillermo Garcia invites you to indulge in a world where style and eco-consciousness seamlessly coexist.
In Guillermo Garcia we went beyond the current concept of sustainable fashion, creating a brand-new textile which is entirely made of recycled glass. From concept to completion all our products are entirely handmade by experienced artisans who use our very own eco-friendly and innovative techniques. Each glass cloth is made by thousands of small glass pieces ensembled together, which then are used to create our distinctive finished products.